Vinyl Plastic Technologies

Vinyl Plastic Technologies

Vinyl Plastic Technologies

VPT uses a process to ensure the conductive elements are distributed evenly through the entire tile thickness. This, along with the finest materials, ensures a lifetime of consistent conductivity regardless of wear.

HC-0501 HC-0501

Vinyl Plastic Technologies (VPT) Color Options

VPT has a superior polished finish that does not require special treatments or waxes to maintain conductivity or appearance. 

VPT has 10 colors to meet the needs of the most discerning designers. 
The use of VPT conductive or static dissipative floor covering checks the influence of the electrostatic charges in the sensitive work places. The effects of electrostatic influences are very serious, and many of the incidents include damage to integrated circuits in semiconductor production and loss of valuable data from malfunction of computer equipment caused by a buildup of static electricty. 
VPT Floor Finish
Where VPT is recommended:

  • electronic manufacturing facilites
  • computer/server room
  • clean rooms
  • assembly factories
  • telecommunication rooms
  • health care laboratories


Technical Data

Performance Conductive Static Dissipative
Resistance: point to ground 2.5x10⁴ to 10⁶ Ω 10⁶ to 10⁸ Ω
Resistance: point to point 2.5x10⁴ to 10⁶ to 10⁶  Ω  
Static decay 5000 to 0 volts in < 0.01 sec. 5000 to 0 volts in < 0.2 sec.

Literature Downloads


Floor Finish Brochure

Office Space Brochure

Do you need assistance selecting the right color, or would you like to order a sample?

Our team is dedicated to helping make the process as easy as possible and ensure you get the right materials for your needs.

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