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Understructure Systems

ASM offers the most comprehensive variety of support types, providing economical solutions for non-seismic to high risk seismic regions. This full line of pedestals can be strengthened by anchoring them to the concrete slab or in combination with ASM's seismic bracing for the most solid and seimic resisting access flooring systems available. 


ASM'S Understructure

Is the sequence of processes signicant in the manufacture of pedestal systems?

The sequence is critical: the dipping process completely protects welds and raw edges if it is done after welding.
4X4 Rigid Grid Stringer System 4X4 Rigid Grid Stringer System


Every ASM Stringer boasts solid tube construction to resist bowing and spreading during heavy loads. A factory applied solid vinyl gasket creates a quiet fit between the stringer and panel.

Available Configurations:
  • 2x2
  • 2x4
  • 4x4 Basketweave

Stringer Data Sheets


SSD-2-2ft Rigid Grid Stringer Cut-Sheet

SSD-4 -4ft Rigid Grid Stringer Cut-Sheet

HSD-2 -2ft H-D Stringer Cut-Sheet

HSD-4 -4ft H-D Stringer Cut-Sheet


Standard Pedestal
Light Seismic
Medium Seismic
Heavy-Duty Seismic
B4201D & H100D Pedestal Assembly

Standard Pedestal

Standard Pedestals are utilized in low to no seismic significant areas. The Standard Pedestal has a 4x4 inch pedestal base. 

Pedestal Assembly

Light Seismic

With a 5x5 inch base plate these Light Seismic Pedestals can be utilized in locations that do not have critical seismic requirements. 
Pedestal Assembly

Medium Seismic

Medium Duty Seismic Pedestals have a 6x6 inch base plate and are used in locations that have more strict seismic requirements or where heavier loads are place upon the access floor. 
Pedestal Assembly

Heavy-Duty Seismic Pedestals

The Heavy-Duty Seismic Pedestal is utilized in seismic regions that have significant design requirements. The heavy-duty pedestal is also used in areas where significant static and dynamic loads are placed upon the access floor.


Pedestal Data Sheets

Light Seismic
Medium Seismic

ACS-11215-B4201D & H100D Pedestal Assembly

ACS-12101A-B42m10D & H100D Pedestal Assembly

ACS-12124-B54m01D & H100D Pedestal Assembley

ACS-12127-B5210D & H100D Pedestal Assembly

ACS-12147D-B5315D & H100D Pedestal Assembly

ACS-12148-B5318D & H100D Pedestal Assembly

ACS-12142-B5311D & H100D Pedestal Assembly

ACS-12143-B5311DAW & H100D Pedestal Assembly

ACS-12167-B6318D & H100D Pedestal Assembly

ACS-12175A1-B6613AD & H100D Pedestal Assembly

ACS-2185-B8825C & H225 Pedestal Assembly

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Data Center Brochure - Domestic

Product Catalog - Domestic

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