FSD panel

FSD - Series Concrete Filled Welded Steel Panels

The most specified product, the FSD-Series Panel sytem is constructed of a welded structural steel assembly and cementitious fill designed to accommodate ultimate and dynamic loads.

FSD Panel with H300D Head

ASM's Concrete Filled Welded Steel Panels

High strength cement fill, along with steel designed in the corners where it is needed, gives ASM the best panel loading in the industry.

  • Most widely used panel design in the world
  • Full strong corner design where it is needed most
  • Rigorous performance testing

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Performance Guide
Technical Information

FSD-Series Performance Guide

FSD-Series Performance Guide
Panel Concentrated Design Load (i.) Safety Factor
MIN. 2x
Uniform Loads Impact Loads Rolling Loads 10 PASS Rolling Loads 10K PASS
  (lbf) (kN)   (psf) kg/m² (lb) (kg) (lbf) (kN) (lbf) (kN)
FS100D 1000 4.45 PASS 500 2441.2 150 68 800 3.56 600 2.67
FS200D 1250 5.56 PASS 600 2929.4 150 68 1125 5.00 875 3.89
FS300D 1500 6.67 PASS 700 3417.7 150 68 1250 5.56 1000 4.45
FS400D 2000 8.90 PASS 800 3905.9 200 91 1500 6.67 1250 5.56
FS500D 2500 11.12 PASS 900 4394.2 200 91 2000 8.90 2000 8.90
FS600D 3000 13.34 PASS 1000 4881 300 136 2700 12.01 2400 10.68
i. Concentrated Design Load is based on permanent set < and is verified by loading panels in accordance with the CISCA concentrated load method, but with panels installed on actual understructure instead of steel blocks. (Testing on blocks does not represent performance of an actual installation.) Ultimate, Rolling, and Impact Load tests are performed using CISCA test procedures.

ii. Safety Factor is Ultimate Load divided by Design Load

FSD-Series Technical Information

FSD-Series Technical Information
Physical Data
Finish Options
Understructure Options
  • Weight of bare panel - 31 lb.
  • Height of bare panel - 1.32"
  • Fire Rating of Bare Panel:
    • Class A Flame Spread
    • Non-Combustable Materials 
  • HPL Tile (1/16" or 1/8")
    • Integral Trim
  • Vinyl Tile:
    • Conductive
    • Static Dissipative
    • Custom
  • Rubber Tile:
    • Bare Surface
  • Custom Finishes:
    • Contact ASM for other tile options such as Bamboo, Cork, Ceramic, Wood, Stone, etc.
  • Bare Corner-Lock
  • Rigid Grid Bolted Stringers:
    • 2'x2' System
    • 2'x4' System
    • 4'x4' Basketweave system
  • Corner-Lock
  • Free-Standing - Stringerless
  • Available in 24"
  • E-Coat Finish
  • Welded Steel Construction
  • Full-Strength, Deep Drawn Corners
  • Light Weight Cementitious Fill Recycled
  • Full-Hard Steel Top Sheet

Panel Data Sheets


ACS-18510-FS100D Panel Data Sheet

ACS-18513-FS200D-Panel Data Sheet

ACS-18514-FS300D-Panel Data Sheet

ACS-18516-FS400D Panel Data Sheet

ACS-18518-FS500D-Panel Data Sheet

ACS-18520-FS600D-Panel Data Sheet


FS100D-Bare Panel-Bolted Stringer System Specification (DOC)

FS100D-Bare Panel-Corner-Lock System Specification (DOC)

FS100D-Bare Panel-Low-Profile Corner-Lock System Specification (DOC)

FS100D-Vinyl Tile Panel-Bolted Stringer System Specification (DOC)

FS100D-HPL Panel-Bolted Stringer System Specification (DOC)

FS200D-Bare Panel-Bolted Stringer System Specification (DOC)

FS200D-Bare Panel-Corner-Lock System Specification (DOC)

FS200D-Bare Panel-Low-Profile Corner-Lock System Specification (DOC)

FS200D-Vinyl Tile Panel-Bolted Stringer System Specification (DOC)

FS200D-HPL Panel-Bolted Stringer System Specification (DOC)

FS300D-Bare Panel-Bolted Stringer System Specification (DOC)

FS300D-Bare Panel-Corner-Lock System Specification (DOC)

FS300D-Bare Panel-Low-Profile Corner-Lock System Specification (DOC)

FS300D-Vinyl Tile Panel-Bolted Stringer System Specifications (DOC)

FS300D-HPL Panel-Bolted Stringer System Specification (DOC)

FS400D-Bare Panel-Bolted Stringer System Specifications (DOC)

FS400D-Bare Panel-Corner-Lock System Specification (DOC)

FS400D-Bare Panel-Low-Profile Corner-Lock System Specification (DOC)

FS400D-Vinyl Tile Panel-Bolted Stringer System Specification (DOC)

FS400D-HPL Panel-Bolted Stringer System Specification (DOC)

FS500D-Bare Panel-Bolted Stringer System Specification (DOC)

FS500D-Bare Panel-Corner-Lock System Specification (DOC)

FS500D-Bare Panel-Low-Profile Corner-Lock System Specification (DOC)

FS500D-Vinyl Tile Panel-Bolted Stringer System Specification (DOC)

FS500D-HPL Panel-Bolted Stringer System Specification (DOC)

FS600D-Bare Panel-Bolted Stringer System Specification (DOC)

FS600D-Vinyl Tile Panel-Bolted Stringer System Specification (DOC)

FS600D-HPL Panel-Bolted Stringer System Specification (DOC)

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Product Catalog - Domestic

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