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Linear Air Grille
Panel Lifter Kit
Ramps, Steps, & Rails


The 8" round swirl diffuser is used in general office applications deploying underfloor air distribution (UFAD). The swirl design mixes the conditioned air with the air at the work space level. 
Linear Air Grille

Linear Air Grille

Aluminum air grilles are typically utilized around the perimeter of the building or in areas that require air distributed in a linear direction.
Panel Lifter Kit

Panel Lifter Kit

Each kit comes with a wall mount bracket to store the double suction cup panel lifter and dual hook air flow panel lifter. Designed for quick access to make alterations and installations simple.
Rails, Ramps, & Steps

Rails, Ramps, and Steps

ADA compliant handrails, ramps, and steps are custom fabricated for each project specific application.


Round, square, and brush type in a multitude of sizes. Provides protection to cables that need to come through from the under floor to furniture or equipment. 

Data Sheets

CS-7205 - SD-100 Smart-Air 8" Round Diffuser (PDF)

CS-7250 - Air Grille, Smart-Grille Aluminum (PDF)

CS-7260 - Air Grille, 12x18 Smart-Grille (PDF)

Product Information Downloads

CS-7406 Panel Lifter - Alum - 4 In Double Cup (PDF)

CS-7417 - Panel Lifter Wall Hanger (PDF)


CS-6062 - Swivel Head Pedestal Assembly for Ramps B4101/H100S (PDF)

CS-8202 - FS & S Series Standard Ramp Kit (PDF)

CS-6005 - FS & S Series Typical Panel Ramp Assembly (PDF)


CS-6205 - FS & S Series Typical Step Detail (PDF)

CS-8205 - FS & S Series Standard Step Kit (PDF)

CS-6230 - Multiple Riser Step Detail (PDF)


CS-6409 - Handrails Typical at Steps (PDF)

CS-6412 - Handrails Typical at Ramps (PDF)

CS-6415 - Handrails Assembly Details by Steps (PDF)

CS-6418 - Handrails Assembly Details at Ramps (PDF)

CS-6421 - Handrail Details of Assembly (PDF)

Product Information Downloads

CS-7453 - Grommet - GR3 - 3 inch round (PDF)

CS-7454 - Grommet - GR4 - 4 inch round (PDF)

CS-7455 - Grommet - GR5 - 5 inch round (PDF)

CS-7472 - Trim - L (PDF)

CS-7475 - Trim - F (PDF)

Literature Downloads

Office Space Brochure
Product Catalog

Office Brochure - Domestic

Product Catalog - Domestic

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