ASM Raised Access Floor Systems Recycled Content Bulletins

FS 100 Bolted Stringer S 100 Bolted Stringer
FS 200 Bolted Stringer S 125 Bolted Stringer
FS 300 Bolted Stringer S 150 Bolted Stringer
FS 400 Bolted Stringer
FS 500 Bolted Stringer MC 125 Woodcore System
FS 100 Low Profile Bolted Stringer
FS 200 Low Profile Bolted Stringer AF500H Aluminum Accel-Air Grate
FS 100 Quick-Loc System
FS 100 Quick-Loc System Low Profile
FS 200 Quick-Loc System
FS 200 Quick-Loc System Low Profile

Raised Access Floor White Papers & Articles

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Article - Data Center Best Practices for Contamination Control

Alternating Cold and Hot Aisles Provides More Reliable Cooling for Server Farms
By Robert F. "Dr. Bob" Sullivan, Ph.D.

Zinc Whiskers Growing on Raised-Floor Tiles are Causing Conductive Failures
and Equipment Shutdowns

By Robert F. "Dr. Bob" Sullivan, Ph.D.

Questions and Answers on Data Center Cooling Issues
By Rich Hill
Zinc Whisker Contamination - A Paper on the Effect and Abatement of
Zinc Whiskers in Data Processing Centers

By David Loman, HP Services

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