ASM Floor Finishes
Brochure (13 MB pdf)

VPT - Vinyl Plastic Technologies

Con-Tile and Stat-Tile combines function with
lasting beauty when high performance EDS
flooring is a must.

The use of VPT conductive or static dissipative floor covering checks the influence of electrostatic charges
in the sensitive work areas.  The effects of electrostatic influence is very serious and many incidents
include damage to integrated circuits in semiconductor production and loss of valuable data caused
directly by build up of static electricity.  Static discharge may also cause inadvertent ignition on
inflammable and explosive substances.

When two objects with electrostatic charge come into contact, electron movement occurs with
electrification to positive and negative poles which are stationary at the points of mutual contact. 
Direct action against these points will cause instantaneous electric discharge, resulting in product
damage, pollution or malfunction.  Both UL and NFPA strongley recommend the use of conductive
floor coverings.

VPT Performance Specs

  Where VPT is recommended

      ●   electronic manufacuring facilities

      ●   computer/server room installations
      ●   cleanrooms


      ●   assembly factories

      ●   telecommunications rooms

      ●   health care laboratories

The fastest growing raised access floor company in North America.

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