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Electrical Grounding

Is you floor grounded?

If there is electrical build-up or a grounding problem on top of the floor, it can cause major problems and
shut down your system.

The access floor panel must be positively grounded to the understructure, providing for less than 10 ohm
resistance from the metal top of the panel to the bottom of the pedestal base where the building's grounding
system is attached.

ASM is the only manufacturer to comprehensively address this problem by incorporating a solid brass
Positive Grounding Device (PGD) in every panel as standard equipment. A small detail solves a critical
problem. Make sure your panels are grounded - PGD is standard with all ASM panels that have an ESD finish.

Zinc Whiskering

Zinc whiskering happens when certain electro-plated zinc based coatings are used under the access floor.
The zinc in the coating gradually forms zinc particles. These particles can become airborne and cause your systems to short circuit. There is a wealth of articles and information available regarding this growing
phenomenon in the data center environment.


ASM's high strength stringers deliver unprecedented strength because of their unique solid tube design.
ASM's tube configuration is structurally superior to the standard U-shaped roll formed stringers offered by
other access floor companies in North America. Be sure to specify the tube type stringer with the black vinyl
strip, for ultimate strength and quiet durabilty.

How are ASM panels protected from rust and corrosion?

Corrosion Resistant Process
The ASM FS and S-Series panels are first fully immersed in a corrosion resistant bath of phosphate to
protect inner and outer surfaces prior to applying the epoxy powder coat finish. Each panel is hand
polished to a bright clean luster.

How do you ensure panel flatness?

ASM is the only manufacturer to stamp the hollow panel one additional time after welding to ensure the
panel is flat after potential distortion during the welding process.

Is it the industry standard to advertise CISCA performance results only?

No - you must check tables and charts and make certain it is clearly noted that results represented are
according to CISCA test procedures. If there is no mention of CISCA, you can assume they are not by
CISCA standards.


What special considerations must be taken into account for data centers in
geographic zones prone to seismic activity?

Raised floors enhanced for seismically active regions must have heavy cast undersides and the sturdiest
support pedestals in the industry. When architechural components, electrical and mechanical equipment
mounted in your computer room must withstand the displacing forces that arise from seismic activity,
choose ASM's new Atlas Pedestal Systems.

ASM's Atlas Pedestals have the highest support rating. The pedestal head is threaded into the pedestal
base, eliminating the fear of panels shifting or lifting during sudden movements. This allows equipment to
be bolted directly into the raised floor, and eliminates the need for additional elaborate bracing under the
floor. Unparalleled strength and simplicity, designed for seismic lateral loading without the need for
diagonal bracing. Easy to install.

With new high-density equipment in computer rooms, such as blade servers, do
you question your computer room's ability to handle such heat loads?

ASM's Air Flow Series allows for maximum movement of cool air from the plenum throughout the workspace,
keeping equipment protected from overheating. If you need a concentrated volume of cool air, choose
ASM's air flow panel.Is it possible to have a smooth transition from solid panel to perforated panel?

ASM's adjustable height system solves long running industry problems of leveling the perforated panel with
the adjacent solid panel - a smooth transition from perforated to solid panel is now possible.

Can a perforated panel provide structural integrity?

Yes - ASM's AF200 panel can. The AF200's exterior surfaces sandwich an interior structural grate, providing
strength unparalleled by industry counterparts.


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